We deliver creative design solutions to help our clients reach their goals.
From branding to print to web design, if you have a problem that requires a design solution, Working As We Go is here to help.

The Process

First we have a chat with you to Define the ‘problem’ so we can determine the solution.
Then we Research and Plan the design concept to make sure we have a solid foundation.
 Now it’s time to Create the stunning design solution and we continue to Refine the work until you’re happy.

Then we have a Celebratory drink to the awesome progress we made together!

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The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of project. Project planning will save you time, money, and many problems.

As a project manager, I make sure the project is completed in time and on budget.
Here are the steps I use to successfully manage a project. Depending on your project size it may vary.

1. Project Initiation: define scope & create a PID (Project Initiation Document)
2. Project Planning: define schedule & sprint planning for web projects
3. Project Development & Implementation: team works on agreed deliverables
4. Project UAT: client testing/review
5. Project Closure: live deployment for web products & final documentation

Contact us to understand how this process can help you.

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Google’s search platform became an every day tool to find any information on the web. How many times have you said: “Just Google it?”

Having your business on the front page of Google can increase your sales considerably. It’s your chance to be found by someone who is looking for what you offer.

There are two ways your company can display on the front page:

1. Organically – free
2. Paid ads – pay per click

Of course, everyone wants to be on the front page for free. However, to be part of this short list of companies you will have to invest some time making your website “Google friendly.” There are a range of SEO techniques that can be applied to achieve these results. But keep in mind, this is a long term goal.

On the other hand, Google gives you the opportunity to have your ads right there. And to make it even better, you only pay if someone actually clicks on your ad. It is a short term solution which has been proven extremely efficient.

The secret is to create targeted and relevant campaigns. However, the Google Adwords platform is a whole world on its own, and you must use it right in order to get results.

I’m a Google Adwords certified professional and have worked on different account sizes for the past 2 years. Contact us for a customised approach.

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Examples of what we can do for you

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Style Guides
  • Brand Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Press Ad Campaigns
  • Point of Sale
  • Website Design
  • Web UX
  • Website development
  • Landing pages
  • Google Analytics
  • Flash banners
  • EDMs / Newsletters
  • CMS and e-Commerce Solutions
  • Online Content / Video
  • Social Media Management