What’s the big idea?

Rio de Janeiro

You hear many people who decide to go on these big life changing trips say that they needed to escape, a lot say they were stuck in a job they didn’t like or the lifestyle they had fallen into. We are not in that situation. We both enjoy our careers but we just want to see the world! We want to live other cultures, try exotic foods, meet awesome people and experience everything this big blue ball has to offer. So why not take our careers on the go with us?

The way technology is these days, especially in the marketing industry, a lot of it can be and is done online. So why not take advantage? Instead of sitting in an office with bright fluorescent lights, why don’t I take my laptop down to a cafe by the beach or in the piazza. We can soak up our ever-changing surroundings for inspiration.

How did the idea come about?

We had decided a while back to start saving to buy an apartment. With our home cities of Sydney and Brasilia being two of the most expensive cities in the world this was going to be a huge task. Until one day Karen snapped. “I can’t settle down yet. I need to travel more.” I agreed with the epiphany of Karen’s “quarter life crisis” and so planning began.

As we mentioned on the home page, as much as we want this trip to be about travelling and having fun. It is also a way for us to figure out how to work remotely. Neither of us want to be the Aunty / Uncle that lives on the other side of the world. As well as this we have some personal goals that we want to achieve on our trip.

We know it won’t be easy, but we have no doubt we can make it happen, and now is the best time to give a shot!


What we want to achieve

Achieve our personal goals

We both have our own personal goals (physical and mental) that we wish to achieve. Among these are we both want to learn Spanish, get fitter and stronger and improve our photography skills.

Work remotely as a lifestyle

Whether it's our own business or freelancing, we have always wanted to work remotely and we know we will do it well.

Work on our own projects

We have many ideas and projects filed away, but working 9-6 doesn't allow much time to work on these. We intend get finish these personal projects as we go.

Have fun and see the world

Hey, even working at home we get lunch breaks and weekends. When we aren't working we will be sightseeing, eating, and partying like the rest of the tourists!