On the 11th of May of 2015 we left everything behind in order to try something different, exciting and challenging. We were so excited about the year ahead of us. It sounded so crazy to quit our jobs, sell everything and get on the road. We read many articles and followed a few bloggers who had done something similar, but there were no way to know how our experience would be and how that would effect our lives in the future. We didn’t even know if our savings would be enough for a whole year. But the only thing we knew for sure it was time to go. It was time to follow our dream. It was time to close our eyes and let life show us its best (or worst). And so the adventure began.


We choose to have a digital nomad life style, which means we would work as we go. If this working remotely thing didn’t work out, our savings would have taken us no further than 6 months. We set up our website and left with only a few existing clients on board. Slowly we started to gain more clients. Each project we won was always a reason to celebrate. It was such a good feeling. We planned ourselves to work and travel and it was happening.


Our “routines” have been very different to what we were used to. We would work in the morning and in the afternoon go swimming in a cenote in Mexico, we would go for a happy hour with a view of Hong Kong at Victoria Peak, we would choose to work a full day so we could take the next day off to visit the ancient ruins in Rome, we would have dinner at a local restaurant in Guatemala and we would pick our office next to the pool with an amazing view of Ios in Greece. Yeah… We can’t complain, life was/is awesome.


However, it wasn’t easy. As we moved from place to place, we worked with our own projects, we worked for our clients, we planned our wedding in Brazil and we planned our trip as we went, which at times felt like the toughest work of all. My point is: it was pretty intense., but all well worth it when we look back and realise how many beautiful places we have seen, all the friends around the world we have met, all the new friends we have made, all the delicious food we tried, all the culture we soaked up and, most important, how it changed us. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made this experience so special. We unfortunately don’t have photos of everyone, but here are some of the beautiful people we met/ met up with around the world that made it all worthwhile.


15 months later of working and travelling I can say it changed us for the better. The whole experience proved to us that we can choose whatever life we want. It gave us so much more confidence in our work. It showed us you don’t need much to be happy. It taught us there are a lot more good people in this world than bad. It opened our mind to listen, respect and admire the differences.

After visiting 25 countries and 69 cities, a similar feeling that told us it was time to go is saying it is time to go back. It’s time to spend time with our little niece, our families and our friends back in Australia. It’s funny, but we feel it is time to have a routine, to have our own home, our own bed. Does that sound crazy to you? Leaving the routine behind 15 months ago was crazy and now the craziness is to go back to the routine.

After couple of weeks of internal crisis and overthinking what the next step should be, we are happy to go back to Australia. Happy to already have lined up a 9-5 office job. Happy to look for our future place to call home and happy to see everyone again.

So, in (about) 2 weeks, we will be heading back, but not before we enjoy the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.  Not a bad way to finish this chapter of our lives, huh? And in true Working As We Go fashion, we have no flights book nor do we have an exact date of departure….we are just playing it by ear for now.

What about WAWG? It will still be alive, we’ve got so much to share and some exciting prospects for the future. You’ll be seeing us around 😉